He: Sun in Scorpio with ascendant Libra, focal points for partnership in the chart are: Venus and Lilith with Ascendant in Conjunction in Libra, means a balance of their own ideas of female roles, such as the strong career lady as well as dedicated partner to realize, respectively To look for these balancing energies in women and ultimately in the partner. These roles should both be represented, as a mature partner is an important goal in life. Furthermore, this connection should be of revolutionary and visionary quality, as well as supported by the free will of being together and a strong sense of freedom. (…)

She: Sun in Virgo with Ascendant in Gemini: with Mars in Leo she is looking for a partner with both a family partner, but also one who loves a lot of fun and enjoyment of creative activities and also sex. The ascending lunar node in Scorpio seeks the answer of its own life goal from a partner who can handle the depths of human existence. (…)