“Astrology is neither science nor religious belief system. She is an art. Artists mediate between different dimensions of being. The images, sounds, words and forms artists use are languages that tell of the meaningful contexts of reality that the rational mind can neither understand nor communicate.” (Liz Greene, 1946)

Long exposure of the movement of a face that has been digitally processed so that the outline of the face looks like sunbeams
  • The power of the sun determines our being in this world.
two moons that seem to move on a stone star wheel from top left to bottom right. On the far right half of a face is recognizable. Digitally processed photographs.
  • The power of the moon describes our feelings.
  • The power of Mercury shapes our thinking and learning.
  • The power of Venus makes us realize the beauty of life.
  • The power of Mars shows what we want to fight and stand up for.
  • The power of Jupiter matches our ability to grow.
  • The power of Saturn allows us to check what has been achieved for durability
  • The power of Uranus gives us the necessary overview and foresight.
  • The power of Pluto gives us the determination to let go and change.
  • The power of Neptune lets us lift the veil through our intuition.
  • The power of Lilith frees us from taboos.
  • The power of Chiron leads us through the inner healing.