horoscope II

The strength measuring between sun in Aquarius and Mars in Taurus draws the path of life here. The need for security must be reconciled with that of the venture in order to implement one’s life plan. This apparent contradiction is balanced with the energy of Uranus in Libra …

Exerpt: Personality Horoscope

Life motto: “To combine safety with risk”

(…) Your ascendant is in the bull, giving you a very down-to-earth and realistic outward appearance to deal with the difficulties in life. Like the bull in the Walt Disney movie, who just wants to see and see the beautiful side of life, sitting on his flower meadow, smelling flowers and dreamily looking out into the world, you want to see the lovely things in life.
The flip side becomes aware of your descendant, who expresses your inner being. He stands in front of a sign, in the scorpion and is supported by Uranus in conjunction. This power lets you look courageously, deeply and bluntly, farsighted on the challenges of life and gives you the inner hold to think revolutionary and change-conscious, even if the bull superficially wants to smell only the yolk-flowers. (…)

(…) Your Mars gets support in the Bull of the Moon in the 6th House Virgo, the house of daily work and things around us, as well as the next human relationships in this context. This house is also inhabited by the generation planet Pluto, but already in Libra and Uranus. The Moon in the Virgin provides emotional order for the little things in life and the need for orderly relationships. It also means that all action agrees exactly and in detail with your feelings supported and is calm and down to earth, virgin and bull are both earth signs and the planets in them strengthen the quality of rest, stability and endurance. Likewise, Venus and Lillith in Capricorn belong to this power of stability. In this respect, your professional life is lifted to a very pragmatic level and you remain a realist in terms of your career goals. (…)

Exerpt: Horoscope of your own potential

(…) One’s own strengths, through bulls in the first house and Mars as planet of depth, transformation but also of concrete action, are sensual, to express physical competences in a very extroverted form. Through this activity, one’s personality is subjected to a transformation through depth. (…)

(…) Mars in the first house – Venus / Lillith in the 10th house – Moon in the Virgin in the 6th house in a job that has to include an emotional, sensual self-expression and a strong female representation. With your brought qualities in communication, but also in yours to be developed in spirituality. The difficulty in the need of your being to be represented by the sun in Aquarius lies in the stress aspect, square, to your strongly positioned Mars in Taurus. To reconcile these two forces is a life task. (…)

Exerpt: Current time quality for one year

(…) Pluto in Capricorn in the 10th House, House of Vocation provides profound changes in working life, which can last for several years, as this is a slow and thorough planet in the system. He is also a generation planet, who puts a whole generation and their attitude to the themes of the characters. In this case, it affects the social structures that it will transform and, of course, has influenced for some years. With you it is the area of the profession that is being transformed, whether you like it or not. (…)

(…) Then there is Saturn, who also moves for a few years through the Capricorn, his own sign, and thoroughly checks everything here for existence. Which means that everything considered for a change is also checked for its content and truthfulness and only what is authentic will endure. Everything else will have to be abandoned. Therefore, it is important on the one hand to make changes, but at the same time to examine their existence. (…)

(…) Now Neptune is also in his house, which strengthens his power for intuition, but is not as open to rationality as the power of Mercury. So it is a challenge for you, but can also be a support to leave your considerations more intuition, than the hard facts, which also do not always lead to a satisfactory result. (…)