about horoscope photograpy

Why Horoscope Photography

Often people have the feeling that they are not quite, they do not recognize and understand the connection of all their qualities and potentials and do not see through the fog their individual life path. They stay with problems that prevent them from progressing and so they can not be satisfied and happy.

I see human beings as a work of art and so does your horoscope as a whole. From a meta-level, like a bird looking at a beautiful landscape and orienting itself. The higher he flies, the more he memorizes the details, the ways of connection he recognizes in the close examination again and understand the connections of the individual areas on a small scale and can tell you. The planets are the single particular anchor points on the map, whose position and connections make up the entire landscape that reflects the essence of the landscape, its nature and uniqueness. So I look at your horoscope and take my gaze into a photo-graphic work of art, which communicates its uniqueness due to the connection of the planets, houses and zodiac signs, their characteristics, potentials, tasks and goals in your life.

The descriptions of the horoscopes are created in the same way, whereby I interpret your horoscope and put it into words that yield a picture again, giving your “portrait” in words.

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As an artist and art photographer, I express the effect of the stars in photographic works. These works are designed individually for each horoscope and act on a further energetic level in the sense of the meaning of the horoscope.

Since talking to my mother about horoscopes as a young woman, learning to interpret the stars, I have devoted myself to her messages.

All horoscopes are also formulated by me uniquely and do not exist, as otherwise from summarized and automatically generated individual parts, but are provided as a unique whole work of mine.

Gabriele Johanna Schatzl´╗┐