Longer-term topics 2019-2020

Global healing
Uranus still in Aries gives the socio-political issues of this time quality a stable and supportive power, and the chance to implement them. Kiron in the fish still points to a necessary global healing process that can be fostered by Neptune, his own ruler for Fish. However, only if the universal and global issues are considered. Here, a great deal of intuition and empathy is necessary. Otherwise there is a danger that Neptune will keep the really explosive issues hidden behind a veil and that we will be entangled in delusions.

Fundamental social changes
However, the biggest challenge is in Capricorn. Saturn and Pluto move a few years, and Pluto even over a decade, by a sign. Capricorn stands for the social order and structures. Pluto has been fundamentally transforming these for over a decade, with Saturn in its own sign, Capricorn, testing this change for its consistency. This constellation will take another year to give the western world and above all Europe a new dress of social order. In any case, the process of change is coming to a head and Saturn is examining whether this change will last for us. On the other hand, Saturn also likes to cling to the old, as long as the new does not withstand his test. These two planets cause a high voltage for and against changes.

No common direction
Since the individual constellations hardly have clear connections to each other, these different aspirations and their energy can greatly divide dividing.
Thus, the interests of enlargement in spirituality, religion and ethics presently do not result in unity with social and societal reflections and visions, nor with desires for changes in the social structure and order that stands for itself and strives forward without direction.

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